A Buying Manager for the Independent

Our service was founded from the heart of an independent pharmacist who understood the challenges of remaining profitable in the era of big-box competitors. Our team becomes your buying department, affording you the time to focus on your business while we seek out better margins.

We are margin movers, not order takers

— Founder of A&K Distributors

Buying Managers

For the family pharmacies that don’t have time to spend on searching the market, our team steps in to provide our expertise in managing your pharmaceutical purchasing. Our consultants are experts in stock balancing, pricing negotiations and special SKU sourcing.

Rebate Maximization

We will work with your current suppliers to make sure you are maximizing on all of the rebates and savings for your account. Every area of profit maximization for your business is our business!

Pharmaceutical Sourcing

The pharmaceutical market is one of many nuances with supply and demand. We take the pain out of sourcing the products you need with our extensive network, and on-hand supply of niche labels. If you can’t find it, we can!

Cash Flow Optimization

Cash flow is a challenge we identify with. We believe in helping the independent in every way we can. 30 day terms and credit card payment methods give our clients the breathing room they need to focus on what’s truly important.

Our Customers

When we hired A&K, our profit margins increased 11% in the first month. They are the background optimizers of our business.

— Pharmaceutical Customer